Sunday, 3 February 2008

Synergy- in relation to my project

In a relationship where one objects feeds off energy or a resource, it is not always negative. Occasionally it may be beneficial for the host or not affect it whatsoever.
This can be related to another scientific term called Synergy where two or more things acting together create something which only can be created with these things working together. For example where, one person alone is too short to reach an object above them and so is the other person. If the second person sits on the firsts shoulders they become tall enough to reach the object. The product of their synergy would be the reached object.

When thinking about the relationships within Parasitic design I have considered the question:

Am I a Parasite of the objects I own or are we partners of a synergetic experience?

As parasites can be related to many objects in different situations I think about how I treat everyday objects. This way of thinking relates to the system of subject- object interactions. Using the relationships of subject - object I can think about how I relate to objects. For example if I were to think about my mobile phone.

Object - Object The relationship between the two phones.
Object - Subject The relationship between myself and the phone.
Subject- Object The relationship between the phone and myself.

The phones relationship is mutual communication between each other. I connect myself with it to make calls and use it regularly. I get resources and benefits from it through using it, but does it benefit from our relationship? This made me think about the idea that without my need for the phone it would not exist, so this is what the phone benefits from me. My ownership allows the phone to become parasitic to me, I carry it around and it becomes a permanent fixture to my life and my environment. This circle of relationships also contains an outside entity which is the phone company which benefits from mine and the phones relationships

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