Sunday, 3 February 2008

Anti-homeless design.....what!!!

Anti homeless design has recently become common. The idea has sprung from councils wanting to change the urban environments to prevent the things that they deem anti-social happening. From railings which prevent climbing, spikes to prevent pigeons resting, bumps to stop skateboarding and now design to stop homelessness!

This type of design seems very extreme and controlling over society and how we behave. Barriers becoming more common and examples of barriers which are now made to look aesthetically pleasing are now noticeable. From forming spiles to stop people from resting on guttering to the metal bumps inserted into low walls to prevent skateboarding, formed into flowers or miniature objects.

These types of prevention gives a designer the opportunity to do the opposite. You could rebuild onto the barriers and prevent the preventor. Would this encourage another continuation of designs to prevent the preventors of preventors?! Imagine the step ladder to help you climb over spikes or a roll out smooth surface to allow skateboarders freedom in the urban environmnent. The possibilities are definitely there.

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vixenpixie said...

hello i was wondering why do you think designers design anti-homeless and temporary homeless products and why society accepts this? bit of a mouthful :) find your post really interesting, never even knew they have designed anti-homeless guttering!!! it's ridiculous.