Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Finding Parasites & Icon Magazine

Looking in the environment around me introduces lots of small objects or entities that attach themselves to things.

By collecting these images it helps find inspiration for finding contexts for my project.

Rus found this article in Icon magazine. The existing table has to be slightly adapted to accomodate the parasite drawers which is an idea which I haven't really looked at. I had come up with the idea of objects that attatch and materials which invade as seperate ideas. Combining both of these ideas is quite interesting.
I wonder what the table will look like with the parasite drawer removed? This is something I need to consider - Do I want my parasite to be permanent? If I were to create an object that needed to be screwed or slotted in (with a slot I or the user had created) it would be interesting to make the screw holes or slots functional or aestheticly pleasing, allowing the table to unaffected when the parasite is removed. But if the parasite is permanent this wouldn't matter which changes the outcome of the objects I design.